Working with the Credit Sale Program

Working with the Program offers donors the following benefits:

Opportunity to work with the leading experts in the field

Mike Strugar, has over 20 years experience as a real estate and conservation attorney, and has worked extensively with federal and state tax representatives on matters related to conservation easements and credits.  He established the first credit transfer program in the nation and has processed more than 2,000 credit sale transactions valued at over $200,000,000.  Hank Hartz is the past Chairman of the VOF Board, and is one of Virginia’s  most knowledgeable and respected conservationists.

Chance to avoid problems

Hartz/Strugar works in close and constant contact with the land trust or other entity that will receive the easement donation.  Additionally, the Program helps easement donors in retaining the right service providers (especially appraisers) so as to avoid problems. Finally, Hartz/Strugar and the land trust both work together to help donors with the necessary process to obtain a Virginia tracking number for the credits. All of this works to prevent surprises and to provide the greatest degree of assurance available that the easement donation will earn a tax credit that can, if desired, be sold to a third party.

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