Strugar Conservation Services, LLC is run by Mike Strugar, the nation’s leading expert on conservation easement tax credits and their transfer.  Mike is a conservation attorney who established the first transfer market for conservation tax credits.  His work in Colorado, Virginia and New Mexico has resulted in more than 2,000 credit transactions valued at more than $200 million.  In Virginia Mike has teamed up with Hank Hartz, the past Chairman of the Board of Virginia Outdoors Foundation, and one of Virginia’s most respected conservationists.

If you would like to transfer a conservation tax credit through Hartz/Strugar Conservation Services, or need information or assistance in any phase of your conservation easement donation and credit transfer, please contact Mike Strugar at (303) 818-3952 ([email protected]) or Hank Hartz at (804) 363-8431 [email protected]).

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