About Easement Credits

Virginia has the nation’s best conservation easement tax credit program.  Because of this program  Virginian’s have been able to sell their tax credits, and thus convert them into dollars, for the last decade.  During that time many easement donors thought that it mattered little who they used to facilitate the sale of their credits.

Recently, however, a significant number of credits have been challenged by the Virginia Department of Taxation, and many easement donors and credit buyers have learned that they could have benefited from a tax credit facilitator who could identify and avoid issues before they result in an audit or disallowance.  Hartz/Strugar Conservation Services has the most experience in helping easement donors to avoid such problems, and allowing them to sell their credits in the safest, most efficient and most profitable way available.  Additionally, our Cooperative Credit Sale Program (“Program”) shares its revenues with land trusts, thus joining the easement donor in supporting land conservation in Virginia.

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