Selling Your Credits Via the Credit Sale Program

Once earned, how can I transfer my credit?

Once a tax credit is earned, a donor may transfer it to a third party. This offers donors immediate compensation and third parties the opportunity of reduce their tax liability. To transfer a tax credit, donors may attempt to locate their own purchaser or work through a credit facilitator who will attempt to provide a purchaser for the tax credit. In New Mexico, there is now a third option as well. Various land trusts have joined with Strugar Conservation Services to create the New Mexico Credit Sale Program. In addition to assisting donors throughout the conservation easement donation process, the Program also transfers credits in a way that provides ongoing financial support for New Mexico land conservation.

When deciding on how to sell your credits two questions come to mind:  How much will I net upon the sale, and how certain is it that the sale will happen?  The Program has good answers for both of those questions.  As to price, over its many years of operation the Program has provided credit sellers with the consistently highest market prices available for their credits.  Moreover, the Program has produced buyers for 100% of the credits registered with the Program.  Thus, sellers can can rest assured that they are receiving the highest prices and enjoying the greatest chance of success.

How to Transfer a Tax Credit

  1. Register
  2. Provide Required Documentation
  3. Execute Transfer Documents
  4. Receive your payment

Click Here to download our registration forms.

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