About us

We Created the Market

Strugar Conservation Services is run by a land conservation attorney with 20 years experience in land conservation law and policy.

In 2000, Mike Strugar established the nation’s first market for transferring conservation tax credits in Colorado. In 2003, he founded Virginia’s Conservation Credit Exchange and registered Virginia’s very first conservation tax Credit to be transferred. Through his Colorado, Virginia and New Mexico programs he has facilitated the transfer of over 2,000 Credits valued at over $200 million.

Mike has established a strong working relationship with the Internal Revenue Service and works closely with the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.  He monitors all tax credit legislation, and recently co-authored a publication, 2008 Model Conservation Credit Act, as guideline legislation for states considering enacting a conservation tax credit program.

Mike is a former partner in the law firm of Holme, Roberts, & Owen, and has been a regular adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver School of Law teaching a course in Land Conservation Law. He has also served as an expert witness in cases involving problems with the transfer of conservation credits.

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